It never cease to amaze me. Whenever my dad is around, we always stumble into something interesting. Wether it be hitch hiking or some other form of adventure. It’s one of the reasons that I love being around the guy so much! He makes life much more interesting and enjoyable for everyone around him.

My parents have been struggling with what to do with a bare bulkhead wall in the saloon for quite some time (well, the entire time they’ve owned the boat). They have thought of hanging tennis rackets, paintings, and a number of other items to no avail. That was until today when my dad came across a piece of artwork at the Round Lake Gallery by a local artist named Stephen Palmer.

My dad had been into the Round Lake Gallery a few times today. He wasn’t confident on the measurement of the art, the space that we had to play with, or on what particular “fish” to purchase; as there were many different unique variations. However, after dinner we went to the gallery one last time and were greeted by Mary Ann (Hal’s wife from the Charlevoix City Marina) and the owner of the gallery, Kathy. We had it narrowed it down to two fish and couldn’t quite decide. It was then that Kathy ventured the option of taking both fish down to the boat to give them a trial. A fantastic idea! So, across the street and down the hill to the marina we went with Mary Ann and Kathy both toting the fish.

In the end we chose the “Petoskey” fish:

A potential conversation piece?

It fits perfectly on the wall and my dad and I both love the coloration (Mary Ann seconded our opinion as well). The only problem now is that we have to find a way to mount this thing so that it doesn’t come flying off the wall when the water starts to get a little choppy. A project for another day though 🙂

Thank you to Kathy and her team at Round Lake Gallery for all of their help!!


* You can check out Kathy’s gallery online at and you can also view more from Stephen Palmer on his website:

Fishy Art

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  • June 26, 2014 at 2:10 am

    Joey, don’t let your dad drill a hole, or drive a nail in the side of the boat to hang the artwork. Holes & boats don’t mix.

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