Our second day on the island did not turn out as exciting as we had initially hoped. We did not see the people that we met the night prior at The Woods and spent most of the day just lounging and relaxing on the boat. However, we did get to interact with a great number of the single-handed Mack racers that were mulling around the dock.

Mackinac Bridge from Mackinac Island
Mackinac Bridge from Mackinac Island

My dad happened to spot one of the guys that really made an impression on him while he was in Chicago at the Great Lakes Single-handed Society annual meeting a year or so ago. His name is Jeff and his boat is named Com-pen-sa-ble (spelled out phonetically). We had a few great conversations with him on the dock and he was gracious enough to invite us over to check out his boat.

Jeff’s boat is immaculate. He has maintained it beautifully and added a lot of technology to aid him while he races (not to mention a lot of money poured into his racing sails/spinnakers). His boat was just so well done! Hopefully someday I’ll be able to find a boat like Jeff’s that I can single-hand around the globe. He even offered his expertise to me when it came time for me to find a boat of my own; which I greatly appreciated. The guy just has a wealth of information on tap.

We wound down the night with a casual diner at the Pink Pony and an episode of Homeland. Which, as I predicted, my dad fell in love with instantly. I think we have found something to entertain us on the boring/uneventful nights at anchor for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we depart for the Les Cheneaux Islands. We’ve heard great things about it and are very excited to see all the beautiful scenery!

Mackinac Island Day Two